In 1980, at the age of 13, Dr. Bryan Chu and his family escaped communism and faced piracy at seas in their pursuit of freedom. Having lived in Vietnam under the control of a communist dictatorship, Bryan knows first hand what it means to have no freedom and no opportunities. This life experience makes Bryan a unique candidate who understands hard work and it gives him a healthy respect for freedom and education. It is his mission to fight for District 149 in the Texas Legislature and earn the recognition the people deserve.

Bryan learned from his parents early on that one could overcome hardship and life circumstances by working hard, becoming self-reliant, and by having no victim mentality. He graduated as a salutatorian from high school in three and a half years and became an electrical engineer at twenty-two. He and his wife, Linh Chu, have three sons, including a set of twins at the University of Texas in Austin. After a career in engineering, Bryan, together with Linh, went back to school and earned their Doctorates at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. They are now successful dentists and own 3 dental offices in the Houston area, providing dozens of jobs for local folks.

Bryan is a dedicated public servant at heart. Throughout his adulthood, he became involved with the mainstream political process by helping various US Congress and State Senate candidates. He volunteered his time by block walking, making phone calls, dropping literature, rallying voters to the poll, and being the MC at their fundraising events. From these candidates, he learned Republican values and ideology. These politicians were the inspirational force that formed his current political belief system.

Bryan has been active in leadership positions for Lions Club International and worked with United States Congresswoman Helen Bentley on legislation that created Radio Free Asia. He is a long-time leader and advisor of the Vietnamese Community of Houston and Vicinities.